Sophoria Academy Launched

By January 25, 2021No Comments

We have launched our VFX Academy – Sophoria Academy

After a grueling 2020 and with the covid-19 outbreak creating tough times for businesses, we thought it was the perfect time to finish building our online VFX academy. Opening an academy and sourcing great instructors to teach courses such as 3d animation, maya lighting tutorials, vfx pipeline setups, custom scripting and rigging to name a few, was not an easy task.

Sophoria Academy aims to educate the uneducated and those that are not in the best financial position by offering high class courses at affordable prices. Not only do we give away our knowledge for next to nothing, we also have free courses available. Our mentors and instructors have over 20 years of experience in the industry and it was up to us to put them to work during the global covid-19 shutdown.

Students are always looking for new and inspiring content to invest in and we are continuing to build a platform that does just that.

As we continue to grow, we hope to cover all aspects of the VFX industry in terms of training material. We will be creating courses ranging from script-writing and script breakdowns to concept art, animation lighting, texturing, modelling, sound design, color grading and even acting classes. We will become a one-stop-shot for anything VFX related content, at exceptionally high standards.

Come visit SOPHORIA ACADEMY and see what our mentors are creating for the future generations of artists that will follow us.