SOPHORIA is a full service visual effects company. We offer our clients production work including Design, Editing, Animation, Storyboarding, VFX for commercials, feature films, television shows and Interactive Virtual Reality.

We have developed a proven structure of being able to utilize our large range of Talent Pool to, in essence “expand” and “contract” based on projects, schedules, budgets or even target specific pipeline requirements.

We have 2D artists that deliver amazing concept art, storyboards and 3D artists such asRiggers, Animators, Modellers, Lighting technical directors, compositors, producers andmore. Our team specializes, and in this way, we can remain competitive by delivering topquality work, quickly, professionally and within our clients budgets, on time.



Having worked with creatives from all over the globe, at SOPHORIA we pride ourselves on our ability to handle all areas of production. If you require assistance on set, we are also available to send out a team to help. We creatively develop and visualize results using multiple forms of media to make the process of creating content that much easier for our clients. If you require a 30 second commercial, 2D animation, Interactive, Virtual Reality or help on feature films we have the passion, experience and professional talent to do it.


SOPHORIA’s animation and VFX department is nothing short of extraordinary. We have the talent to embrace any creative challenge and we love to work together to bring to life our clients ideas and visions. From hand drawn work to photo-real full CG productions, there is not much that can stand in the way of our ambition to create the finest quality work at the highest standards of today’s demand for innovative and inspirational work.


The VR and interactive market has still room to grow and the future looks promising. We are excited to be exploring this field and working with our clients, we love the process of bringing this visionary and elaborative creative process to life. Interactive media is something we can help with and of course we would like it to be a memorable experience and strive to let our clients be an integral part of the creative process.