UE4 Dragon Landing Animation

About the project

This was a cinematic shot test of how our dragon would look like in Unreal Engine and how the high-quality media export works. The rig is easily converted to the game engine rig from Maya using the game exporter tool and imported into Unreal Engine.

We set up and tested the shading and lighting in Unreal Engine. The overall look is exceptional given that it is all visualized instantly.

The dragon landing animation timelapse video and making of can be seen HERE!

Who doesn’t like dragons? Jonathan Symmonds, who was the lead animator on the Game of Thrones and is now our Co-Founder had a vision of continuing dragons in future productions. We decided to build one from scratch ourselves.

It is now ready for use for anyone wanting to promote anything using the dragon which can be customized in any way.

Would you like to know how to pose a dragon? Click here

Other Work