Laverne Riyadh

About the project

Sophoria VFX Studios worked closely with our clients to create a series of commercials for “Laverne Riyadh.”
We were asked to create a 30-40 second commercial showing a very rare Leopard that is native to Saudi Arabia.

Building the Leopard was a challenge because of the limitations regarding the references of the Leopard. However, after a lot of development and fine tuning of our 3D Leopard, we managed to create a highly realistic version.

We then began studying the behaviour of the leopard for animation purposes and proceeded to block out walk cycles and the general layout of the sequence above.The brief was to have the leopard start in the desert and travel through multiple landscapes and cities/museums before returning to the desert.

The final commercial was a huge success and not long after it’s release we were asked to create a couple more.It is important to have a very understanding but creative client which gave us many opportunities to explore multiple variations in each shot.

Other Work