"GAIA" VFX Breakdown

About the project

SOPHORIA worked on this production for GAIA  to raise awareness at Christmas time for the abuse of animals. We were so very excited to work on this project because it always makes us happier when we are working towards or for a good cause. We did it for the “Malaria NO MORE” campaign a few months back and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Our team went out to location in Belgium and supervised the on-set VFX aspects working closely with the production team and Director.

It was quite tricky as we had to match a real goose that was being filmed at the same time. This made things extra difficult, especially with the close up shots. The actors and the director were so fantastic to work with and it made being on-set such a pleasure.  Check out below for some sneaky behind the scenes shots of the location. If you look closely you can see the real goose.

Other Work