Sophoria Studios works on NETFLIX feature film

By December 17, 2020No Comments

Sophoria Mauritius – VFX supervising the NETFLIX Alicia Keys Film

Feature Film – VFX Supervising

Recently NETFLIX came to Mauritius to create a film starring Christina Milian and Jay Farro. We were called to work on the film and supervise the green screen elements of the film.

As, of the time of posting, the film has not been released so we cannot go into any great detail. However, this was our first feature film work since moving to the island and we werevery excited to work with such a fantastic team at Netflix.

A big thankyou to Identical Pictures for recommending us and Adesh Bhardwaj for all his support on-set.

We are looking forward to 2021 as more and more films get made in Mauritius thanks to the 40% film rebate scheme. This scheme allows production companies to essentially have incentive to film in Mauritius. As more and more films get made, the island will become more popular for film production and will see a boost in the tourism sector.

The country is so diverse in it’s landscape, we even managed to turn the center of Mauritius city into a New York setting with hardly much work. The film was a huge success for the island and we are looking forward to seeing it online in the summer!