How to Pose a Dragon -Timelapse

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How to pose a dragon – Timelapse

Jonathan Symmonds, our co-founder,wanted to create an awesome pose for our Dragon we named Atourian. We really wanted to look at how far we could push our rig in extreme poses.
Jonathan was the Lead animator on the “Game of Thrones,” at Pixomondo in Germany. He animated the dragons for over 5 years and was nominated 3 times for a VES (Visual effects society) award. Jonathan has a unique understanding of anatomy and when he taught his students he would get them to focus entirely on weight. How heavy a character is determines the timing, timing is everything, so therefor the most important principle of animation is how to understand the weight and volume of you character.

This project was a series of test so that we could find out the bests way to move between Maya and Unreal Engine (Game software). After the pose was completed, we would test out the scene in Unreal Engine. It is not often one finds such a highly detailed dragon in a game engine and this is what we wanted to try out.

The pose itself lends all weight to the back wing and tail. The tail acts as a counterbalance just like a cat’s tail would do. The left wing had to be positioned further back to accommodate the head leaning forward.

Check out the GAME ENGINE render HERE