Dragon Animation Masterclass

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Finally, our 12 Week Dragon Animation Masterclass is live!

Over my 20 years of animating, one character above all was the hardest to work with, the Dragon. On Season 5 on the Game of Thrones, when i took over as lead animator at Pixomondo in Germany, we were still figuring out how to animate the dragons. It was challenging also, because the dragons were still growing up! So the timing was always changing the bigger the dragons became.

After the game of thrones finished i must admit, i had withdrawals from Drogon. He was a magnificent creature to work with and all of a sudden after 4+years of working with him…..he was gone! Never to be opened up and animated on, never to see another keyframe added to his control system or to see a render-farm again. Being an animator this was hard to handle. I needed to continue working with Dragons so i spent the next year or two building my very own.

This course is a 12 week pre-recorded course. The journey i take the students on is one that i went through when learning to animate the Game of Thrones Dragons. Back then though, we did not have access to such a cool picker 🙂

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The students will learn everything they need to know about how to animate a dragon, down to the subtle animation techniques like overlapping fingers and fat jiggles – that i developed over my time at Pixomondo.

By the end of the course, you will have your very own animated clip of the dragon Flying, landing, roaring and then taking off. There is so much to learn and i take the time to show you all the tips and tricks that are required to pull off such a big animation task.

The environment is pre-built (which took forever) and there are many landscapes inside the assets folders for you to choose from. I even saved my own behavior assets in the assets folder for you to just load directly onto the dragon.

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Enjoy the course! If you would like to show me any work you have down with our dragon and would like feedback, don’t hesitate!

We are doing a promotion till the 30th October 2022 with a 20% Discount on the course. So hurry and don’t miss out on the opportunity!

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