IDENTICAL PICTURES (IDP) is a Service Film Production, Film Production, Integrated Media Production and a Photo Service Production in Mauritius and the Indian Ocean Islands (Seychelles, Maldives, Reunion, Madagascar). We are a ONE-STOP-SHOP Film Production with own state of the art film equipment ( and more than 60 years of combined experience in filmmaking.

Identical Pictures specializes in providing quality and cost-effective solutions to all of your filming requirements.
IDP is celebrating its 10th Anniversary. With a Film Rebate up to 40% on qualifying expenditure in Mauritius, we have expanded to be able to provide film services across the Indian Ocean region.

Identical Pictures can provide finance for select high profile feature films, drama series, tv-movies, music videos, and TV commercials.
“IDENTICAL PICTURES – “Where Film and Holidays are Made!”


Headed by Andreas Habermeyer who successfully produced the motion picture "SERENITY" that was filmed in Mauritius, Identical Pictures is definitely the one-stop-shop for FIlm/TV productions on the Island.

Collaboration with SOPHORIA

SOPHORIA provides exclusive VFX support for Identical Pictures. The services that both companies offer the Mauritius Film Industrymakes them a powerful asset for any Production.

Andreas Habermeyer and Jonathan Symmonds met in 2018 when Jonathan came to Mauritius to do his TED Talk. Andreas suggested to come to the Island and open SOPHORIA. The rest is history.