Meet Our Core Team


Jonathan Symmonds

Jonathan joined Romy in Italy in 2011. He came from a CG background and focused mainly on Animation having worked on projects such as Avatar, Prince of Persia, Nanny McPhee, Trollhunter, Knerten, Dark Tide, Primeval and most recently the Game of Thrones as the Lead Animator.

He brings with him 17 Years of experience in the Industry. Jonathan has been an online animation lecturer for 7 years having taught over 1000 students. He moved to Italy in 2011 and from there and after working side by side with Romy, they realised that together they were stronger and so opened SOPHORIA.

The talent Jonathan brings makes him quite unique in that not only has he worked with multiple companies in different locations all over the world he has a vast range of experience in production working closely with Clients and Directors alike both remote and on location.

He was nominated three times for a VES Award for his work on the Game of Thrones. His professional network is vast and spans all types of the production pipeline from Storyboarding to final editing.

VFX Supervisor

Romy Tesei

Romy has over 15 years of experience in the the VFX industry. His attention to detail and his professional relationship he maintains with his clients is what the clients love about working with SOPHORIA.

Starting off as a freelance 3D artist and web designer, Romy noticed early on that creating professional work in multimedia was what every client strives for. His natural skill and talent meant that the work he produced early on in his career was nothing short of extraordinary and as he started to be more in demand from clients he decided to open his own studio.

Co-Founding SOPHORIA meant that Romy could focus on the relationships he has with his clients while supervising and maintaining his high quality expectations from his team. He has worked with many agencies Including Leo Burnett, McCann, Y&R, Bolin Marketing to name a few. There is no software he cannot utilize and his technical knowledge of all areas of production is what sets him apart.

Romy loves to work closely with clients and Directors building a bridge between the creative vision and the technical aspects of production.


Diletta Cata

Diletta joined SOPHORIA in 2017. Diletta is multilingual and her ability to handle clients and manage the production pipeline was what SOPHORIA could not do without.

She has a bright and cheerful approach to work and is focused on making sure the clients needs are always met. Diletta also comes from a film and acting background so her knowledge and skills relating to the creative process of production and editing is a skill that SOPHORIA was looking for in a producer.

Well travelled, Diletta loves to work closely with the production departments of our partners and clients and her charming personality always lightens the mood whether it be on-location or in the middle of an intense deadline in-house project.